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Strong Consultants is a non-profit organization, which provides finance/accounting consulting services for, religious organizations, small businesses and non profit corporations in need of establishing or revamping their accounting/finance department.  The daughter of a pastor, Strong saw the immediate need of these organizations that could not afford accounting/finance training and decided to give her God given talents and experiences in corporate America to bring back a level of financial integrity to the church and community.  Strong Consultants motto is to “run your accounting department like a corporation, but run your church like a church” Strong believes these should be two separate entities and should be handled as such.

Some of the services Strong Consultants offer are:

    Assessment and consultations of current Accounting/Finance department

•     Set up of accounting/finance department

•     Revamp or set up of current account/finance department

•     Ensure IRS compliant

•     Development of accounting policies and procedures specially formatted to fit your ministry, small business or non-profit organization.

•      Offer monthly, quarterly and annual audit preparation by government agencies

•      Create budgets and forecasts

Strong Consultants applies the IRS policies and Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP) to your ministry or business, ensuring government compliance.  GAAP is mandatory for all publically traded companies and Strong Consultants believe ministries and small businesses should abide by these same principals to ensure financial integrity.

If your ministry or business is in need of our services please give us a call.  Depending on your location, these services maybe free of charge for you.

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